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LoL Meme by TheFreeman-33 LoL Meme :iconthefreeman-33:TheFreeman-33 49 21 Drawing: Army Dude by TheFreeman-33 Drawing: Army Dude :iconthefreeman-33:TheFreeman-33 2 3
Tizon,The Renegade Marshal (updated)
[Champion Concept] Tizon,The Renegade Marshal
Full Name: Adrian "Tizon" Thunderbird
Fighter Melee
Basic attacks: single handed sword slashes
Critical attack: two handed sword swing upwards
Passive: Freedom Fighter: Tizon's allies hear his cause, causing surrounding allied champions gain bonus attack speed.
Hyperion Onslaught:
Tizon fires a barrage of flaming missiles from his gauntlet causing physical damage and igniting enemy unit for 1.5 seconds, dealing (30 + 15 × level) true damage over time to a single target.
Range: 1000/1100/1200/1300/1400.
Cooldown: 35 / 28 / 24 / 19 / 14 seconds
Mana Cost: 70/80/90/100/110.
Physical Damage: 25/70/120/160 /225(+1.5 per attack damage)
CQC Kick:
(Passive) Tizon has increased attack damage as long its not in cooldown. (Active) Tizon blocks the next basic attack and kicks the enemy, knocking them back and slowing them for 20/25/30/35/40%  for 2 seconds. If nobody attacks him for the next five seconds the mana will be refres
:iconthefreeman-33:TheFreeman-33 2 4
Diablo 2 Irony by TheFreeman-33 Diablo 2 Irony :iconthefreeman-33:TheFreeman-33 2 12 Home by TheFreeman-33 Home :iconthefreeman-33:TheFreeman-33 1 6 Balance Color by TheFreeman-33 Balance Color :iconthefreeman-33:TheFreeman-33 1 4 Football Jersey by TheFreeman-33 Football Jersey :iconthefreeman-33:TheFreeman-33 1 0
Champion Concept: Tizon,The Renegade Marshall
Full Name: Adrian "Tizon" Firebrand
Passive: Raiding. After each champion or minion kill Tizon gains Bonus gold (+ 1 for each level up)  and bonus (12%) life steal for 5 seconds.
Hyperion's Onslaught:Tizon fires a barrage of flaming missiles from his gauntlet causing physical damage and igniting the target for 3 seconds.
Range: 1000.  
Mana Cost: 60/70/80/90/100.
Physical Damage: 25/70/120/160 /225(+1.5 per attack damage)
Energy Burst Shield: (Passive) Tizon has increased movement and attack speed as long its not in cooldown. (Active) Tizon gains a shield which absorbs damage for 10 seconds. When the shield breaks or after 10 seconds it will release a burst of energy slowing all nearby champions and minions by  (20/25/30/35/40)%
Explosion area: 550.
Attack Damage increase: 30/40/55/65/75.
Movement Speed increase: (3/5/10/15/20)%.
Shield Strength/ Magic Damage: 125/150/200/250/300 (+.8 per ability power)
Mana Cost: 80/90/100/110/120
Far Cry Barra
:iconthefreeman-33:TheFreeman-33 1 3
HL2 Screenshot:Drunk Overwatch by TheFreeman-33 HL2 Screenshot:Drunk Overwatch :iconthefreeman-33:TheFreeman-33 0 0 HL2 Screenshot: CP Gone Insane by TheFreeman-33 HL2 Screenshot: CP Gone Insane :iconthefreeman-33:TheFreeman-33 1 2 Wesker Black and White by TheFreeman-33 Wesker Black and White :iconthefreeman-33:TheFreeman-33 0 3 Gordon Freeman Obama Poster by TheFreeman-33 Gordon Freeman Obama Poster :iconthefreeman-33:TheFreeman-33 5 12


Elsa Dark Ice Queen pt.2 by Zeronis Elsa Dark Ice Queen pt.2 :iconzeronis:Zeronis 16,523 560 Frozen Elsa Jedi 01 by Zeronis Frozen Elsa Jedi 01 :iconzeronis:Zeronis 7,706 183 Leliana by v-impaler Leliana :iconv-impaler:v-impaler 161 14 Star Guardian Album Cover by Zeronis Star Guardian Album Cover :iconzeronis:Zeronis 4,285 60 DENOUEMENT - Mass Effect 3 by Eddy-Shinjuku DENOUEMENT - Mass Effect 3 :iconeddy-shinjuku:Eddy-Shinjuku 5,045 371 Overwatch: Cornered by Exvnir Overwatch: Cornered :iconexvnir:Exvnir 260 87 Mucha Never Dies by The0utlander Mucha Never Dies :iconthe0utlander:The0utlander 9 1 Legion (updated). by Taiss14 Legion (updated). :icontaiss14:Taiss14 358 27 Asaio. Commission. by Taiss14 Asaio. Commission. :icontaiss14:Taiss14 267 7 Mercy.(+NSFW). by Taiss14 Mercy.(+NSFW). :icontaiss14:Taiss14 819 12 Mercy - fan art by saint-max Mercy - fan art :iconsaint-max:saint-max 2,383 130 Tracer by umigraphics Tracer :iconumigraphics:umigraphics 596 28 Mercy by umigraphics Mercy :iconumigraphics:umigraphics 540 18 Tracer's Christmas by umigraphics Tracer's Christmas :iconumigraphics:umigraphics 1,019 26 Guardner by BramastaAji Guardner :iconbramastaaji:BramastaAji 570 8 Tracer by whispwill Tracer :iconwhispwill:whispwill 1,036 12


I was tagged by :iconday-dreamer001:

The Rules Are As Follows: 
1.) You have to copy and paste these rules.
2.) You must tag 10 other people and post their icons.
3.) You must inform the others that they have been tagged.
4.) You cannot tag the individual who tagged you.

Here are the answers:

1.What was the thing that got you into anime?
When I was a kid I always watched Dragon Ball Z and many Mobile Suit Gundams shows and now I'm hooked

2.How many crazy friends do you have?
A couple? I'm not really sure

3. If you could do anything what would it be?
A Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

4.If you could do that thing with anyone who would it be?
Hang out with them

5.What continent would you want to visit the most?

6.What continent do you live on?
North America

7.Does your closest friend have DeviantArt?

8.Do you play any online games?
Yes a ton!

9.What is your favorite song in another language?
Dota by Basshunter

10.Do you plan on going to an upcoming con? 
I wish :( there is no con near me :(

11.Do you draw?

12.Would you ever want to fly?
Sure why not :)

My questions
1.How old are you?
2.Have you ever roleplayed?
3.If you were in a fantasy land what would your race be? (Human, Orc, Elves, etc)
4.If you were in a fantasy land what would your class be? (Warrior, Rouge,Wizzard, etc)
5.What would be your signature weapon(s) be?
6.Have you heard of Dungeons and Dragons or Warhammer?
7.What is your favorite Video Game?
8.If you can become one protagonist or Antagonist from any game who would it be?
9.Where do you live?
10.Xbox One or PS4?

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  • Listening to: Burn by Ellie Golding
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: Venture Bros
  • Playing: League of Legends and Max Payne 3
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: Mtn Dew


Adrian Alvarez
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am a nerd that likes to PWN noobs lol. I'm also a nice guy and get along with others so don't be afraid to check my page.

Favourite genre of music: Rock and Metal
Personal Quote: I'd hit that with a crowbar


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